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Working in the fashion industry is my passion and it fills me with enthusiasm and energy.

From fashion ads and campaigns to editorials, my goal is always to provide clients with what they are looking for while adding my personal and creative touch.



When working on a fashion campaign, I love collaborating with the creative team to ensure that all elements, from the styling to the makeup and hair, complement each other and create a cohesive and appealing image.


As for editorials, I enjoy playing with different styles and trends to create something unique and inspiring. I love exploring new ideas and concepts to offer something fresh and exciting.


Working in the fashion industry is a passion that allows me to express my creativity and help others tell their own story.

"I believe that fashion is a form of expression and each brand or client has their own story to tell. My job is to help them tell that story in the most authentic and attractive way possible."

Some examples of my work as makeup artist in fashion in Ibiza

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